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General Information for Arriving Media

Accredited journalists arriving in St.Petersburg by air at Pulkovo Airport or by train at the Moskovsky and Finlyandsky railway stations can use free shuttle service to get from the airport or train stations to one of the media hotels (Hotel Moscow, Sokos Hotel Vasilievsky, Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya) or to the Accreditation Centre located inside the Marine Facade passenger port.

Shuttle bus stops will be specially marked. You can learn more about the shuttle bus stops, their routes and schedule at the information desks or from the volunteers. To use the shuttle service, please produce a printout of your accreditation confirmation or your accreditation badge.

All the shuttle bus routes are circular, so you can take the same bus to get to the airport and railway stations.

Shuttle from Pulkovo Airport:


Shuttle from the Moskovsky railway station:


Shuttles from the Finlyandsky railway station:


Accreditation badges / Accreditation Centre

An accreditation badge confirms your accreditation as a journalist covering the G20 Leaders' Summit and allows you to work at the International Media Centre and use shuttle services.

Your accreditation badge bears your name and should be worn in clear view.

Accreditation badges pick-up

You can pick up your badge at the Accreditation Centre located in terminal №4 of the St.Petersburg Marine Facade Passenger Port.


The Accreditation Centre is open from September 3 until September 7, 2013. Working hours:

September 3, 09.00-23.00
September 4-6, 07.00-23.00
September 7, 07.00-11.00


Telephone: +7-812-641-90-96; +7-812-641-90-97
E-mail: accreditation@g20russia.ru

How to get to the International Media Centre in Strelna

The International Media Centre can be reached by water on high-speed Meteor boats that will pick you up from the Marine Facade passenger port. You will need to undergo a security check to board the Meteor (See "Security check").


Shuttle from the Marine Facade to the International Media Centre:


Shuttle from Sokos Hotel Vasilievsky and Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya to the Marine Facade:


Shuttle from Hotel Moscow to the Marine Facade:


The Meteor shuttle stop is located at the pier on the Sinopskaya Embankment in front of Hotel Moscow. The route from the hotel to the pier will be marked.

Journalists staying in other hotels can reach the Marine Facade port by shuttle from the Hotel Moscow, Sokos Hotel Vasilievsky and Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya, or make their own arrangements to reach the Marine Faсade's security checkpoint.