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Moscow, Russia

Anti-Corruption Working Group Meeting

The first G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group (ACWG) Meeting took place in Moscow on February 25-26, 2013 within the framework of the Russia's G20 Presidency. The meeting was attended by the delegates from G20 member countries, as well as experts from international organizations (World Bank, OECD, UNODC, IMF, FATF) and representatives of the Business 20 Task Force on Improving Transparency and Anti-corruption and the Civil 20 Working Group on Anti-Corruption.

The present activities of the ACWG are built around the G20 Anti-Corruption Action Plan for 2013-2014. In particular, the ACWG is responsible for preparation of the agenda and analytical materials on anti-corruption for the forthcoming G20 Leaders Summit.

The ACWG agenda covers a broad range of issues, including impact of corruption on economic growth; measures against foreign bribery and solicitation; combating money laundering and recovery of proceeds of corruption; whistleblowers protection; asset disclosure and conflict of interest regulation; cooperation with private sector and civil society in fighting corruption.

Meeting venue: Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow



  • Yudaeva Ksenia
    Ksenia Yudaeva
    Chief of the Presidential Experts’ Directorate and the Russian G20 Sherpa