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St.Petersburg, Russia

G20 Sherpas' Meeting

On July 25-26, 2013 the Fourth G20 Sherpas' Meeting was held in Saint Petersburg within the framework of the preparatory process towards the G20 Leaders' Summit. The meeting was aimed at summarizing previous activities on various work strands of the Russian G20 Presidency year.

The meeting agenda was focused on the discussion of the results of the G20 working groups' (both the Finance and the Sherpas' tracks) activities. The issues of global economy and finance, employment, multilateral trade, sustainable energy, as well as facilitating development and anticorruption were discussed. Likewise, Sherpas considered the outcomes of the Ministerial meetings, scheduled for July 18-19, namely, the G20 Finance Ministers Meeting, the G20 Labour Ministers Meeting, as well as their Joint Meeting which was convened in such a format for the first time in the G20 history.

Additionally, at the meeting the short list of the outreach groups' (Business 20, Civil 20, Y20 Russia, and Labour 20) recommendations for the G20 Leaders was discussed. The work on this strand has been undertaken from the very beginning of the Russian Presidency, and preliminary results and recommendations have already been shared with the G20 Sherpas on numerous occasions. On the one hand, it helped better focus outreach activities on the official track agenda, while, on the other hand, it allowed Sherpas to receive feedback from partners representing various outreach groups, thereby enhancing the transparency and efficiency of the G20 decision-making process.

The main outcomes of the Fourth G20 Sherpas' Meeting were specific building blocks of recommendations on various work strands of the Sherpas' track that will later form the G20 Leaders' Declaration. These building blocks will be finalized at the following Sherpas' Meeting that will take place on the eve of the Leaders' Summit in September.



  • Storchak Sergey
    Sergei Storchak
    Deputy Finance Minister of the Russian Federation
  • Alexei Vovchenko
    Alexei Vovchenko
    Russian Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection
  • Yudaeva Ksenia
    Ksenia Yudaeva
    Chief of the Presidential Experts’ Directorate and the Russian G20 Sherpa