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World's leading experts commented on the key issues of the G20 Agenda

Director of the Trade and Markets Division at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) David Hallam shared his view on how could the G20 facilitate to stronger global food security, whether the G20 can fight hunger in less developed countries and how trade policies in different countries affect global food market.

Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington Anders Aslund commented on the issues of multilateral coordination, which is needed to increase transparency and fight corruption, and turned his attention to the G20 priorities dealing with fostering sustainable development.

John Kirton, co-director and founder of the G20 Research Group, University of Toronto, encouraged the G20 to contribute to promoting green growth, improvement of financial inclusion in a world of globalized finance and particular steps to be done globally for improving quality and decent employment in the developing countries.

Senior Research Fellow in the Economic Diplomacy Program at the South African Institute of International Affairs Peter Draper addressed the questions of whether a peer review of protectionist measures can become a credible mechanism to ensure further trade liberalization, which initiatives couldbe adopted by the G20 to fit in the current trend of the growing role of non-tariff measures in international trade, and whether investment in infrastructure can stimulate wider international cooperation in trade.

Interviews are to be published shortly.