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  • Russia's G20 Presidency strategic agenda is presented

Russia's G20 Presidency strategic agenda is presented

This paper outlines a strategic agenda proposed by Russia for the G20 in 2013 and highlights the specific priorities of the Russian G20 Presidency. Its purpose is to serve as a guide for the preparation of meetings and documents throughout the year, as well as to set the objectives for the G20 Leaders Summit in St.Petersburg, September 5-6 2013. Russia will exert its maximum effort to reach tangible results on the most pressing issues on the global agenda by setting a stage for thoughtful discussions.

The Outline describes the overall state of the global economy and formulates the role of the G20 in tackling the problems of global development. The document highlights the priority topics of the Russian Presidency. Most of them stem from the legacy of previous Presidencies since Russia sees ensuring continuity and providing additional impetus to the ongoing activities of the G20 as one of its main tasks.

The Outline also provides an opportunity to understand Russia's viewpoint on the traditional areas of concern of the G20 and become aware of the specific focus areas proposed by Russia among them. In addition, Russia puts forward several new discussion topics.

Likewise, the document depicts general approaches of the Russian Federation to its G20 Presidency and contains a discussion of the core principles that Russia would like to promote in the G20, as well as Russia's vision of how the G20 working process should be organized in 2013.

Finally, the Outline contains the description of the major G20 official events, and a preliminary calendar of the key seminars and events scheduled to be held throughout the year of the Russian Presidency.

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