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  • Finance Minister of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov

Anton Siluanov: Government borrowing included in G20 agenda for the first time

President Vladimir Putin met with the participants of the first G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors' Meeting on February 15.

During his conversation with President Putin, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov reported that the participants have already started discussing the agenda of Russia's G20 presidency and have expressed support for it.

"At our initiative, of government borrowing and national debt management have been included in the G20 agenda for the first time under Russia's presidency," Siluanov said. He added that finance ministers and central bank governors believe it is necessary to update agreements on debt sustainability that were signed in Toronto in 2010.

Siluanov noted that the meeting was preceded by another three international events, including a seminar of the Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee, a conference of the Institute of International Finance and a joint meeting of the European Central Bank and Russia's Central Bank. He said that finance ministers and central bank governors will gather for another four meetings during Russia's G20 presidency.