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  • Think 20 Russia 2013

The regional Think 20 seminar was held in Sydney

On May 22-24, 2013 the G20 Studies Centre at the Lowy Institute, with support of the Asia Development Bank Institute (ADBI) and the Korea Development Institute (KDI), hosted a regional Think 20 seminar in Sydney under the header "The G20 Leaders' Process Five Years On: an Assessment from an Asian Perspective."

The seminar brought together the representatives of think tanks and universities from around the Asia Pacific Region. The Australian G20 officials and the representatives of the Russian G20 Sherpa's office also attended the meeting.

During the seminar, the delegates discussed how or whether the G20 can make a transition from a crisis management club to an effective global governance steering forum. In this regard, the participants analyzed the G20's evolution as a premier forum for global economic cooperation since the first Leaders' Summit in 2008, assessed the progress achieved towards commitments made at previous G20 summits, and elaborated on the ways to better reflect the Asia Pacific Region's stance when framing the G20's priorities.

The participants also considered the main issues of the G20 agenda, such as ways of achieving strong, sustainable and balanced growth; reform of international financial architecture; financial regulation; trade and investment issues; sustainable development.

The regional Think 20 seminar highlighted the need for the G20 to develop a more focused agenda and a more clearly articulated understanding of its own role with respect to the multilateral institutions of the global economic governance including those operating in Asia. At the seminar's discussions of various policy ‘streams' of the G20 process the importance of maintaining an integrated and holistic understanding of the G20 agenda and its correlation with the domestic experience of all its members was emphasized.

Work of the seminar will be continued within the Think 20 framework during Australia's G20 Presidency in 2014.