5 September 2013

Vladimir Putin holds talks with Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe

Ahead of the G20 Summit, President Vladimir Putin met with Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe. The President of the Russian Federation spoke about his country's steady relations with the Japanese government and said that Russian-Japanese economic relations and trade were growing, despite global economic problems.

"Mutual investments are growing. Accrued Japanese investment in the Russian economy has already exceeded $10 billion. Cooperation in other spheres has also expanded," Putin said.

Speaking about the outlook for cooperation with Japan, the Russian President said: "We intend to use new forms of cooperation between Russia and Japan. Two Russian ministers plan to visit Tokyo in early November this year: the Minister of Defense and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. I firmly believe that this format will continue to promote our relations and to enhance our confidence in each other."

Prime Minister Abe also spoke about the improvement of bilateral relations. "I think it is wonderful that the political dialogue between our countries is proceeding at such a good pace," he said.

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