29 November 2013

Australian Ambassador to Russia: Australia’s G20 Presidency to focus on economic growth

In an interview with RIA Novosti, the Australian Ambassador to Russia Paul Myler speaks about the major issues and priorities of Australia's G20 Presidency.

He says that the general focus will be on boosting the economy, creating more jobs and increasing the resilience of the financial markets. Mr. Myler also noted that other issues such as tax base erosion, profit sharing, trade and protectionism will be discussed.

The Australian Ambassador stressed that the agenda would not be formally extended. "Our focus is going to be very clear on economic growth, on jobs and on financial market reform and on financial market stability," Mr. Myler said, but added that there would be no limitations on the discussion. "If there are events globally that presidents and prime ministers wish to talk about we will make space for it."

It should be stressed that during the final events of Russia's G20 Presidency, Paul Myler also emphasized the need for succession and consistency within the G20. The most important thing, according to Mr. Myler, is to carry on with the subjects proposed by Russia, which are creating jobs, fostering economic growth and other issues essential for sustainable development of the global economy.