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Think 20



The Think 20 - is a meeting of the world's leading think tanks representatives with the aim of sharing their visions on the most pressing issues of the global agenda, as well as  maintaining fruitful and meaningful cooperation between government and academic circles. Think tanks play an important role in the G20 processes, creating "ideas bank" which helps to transmit the main outcomes from research institutions to the global governance institutions.


The main outcomes of the Meeting are delivered in the form of practical recommendations that think tanks provide on the issues of global governance, improving the G20 working process and facilitating inclusive economic growth. The first Think 20 Meeting was held within the framework of the Mexican Presidency in 2012.


The Second Think 20 Meeting was held in Moscow on 11 December 2012 in a series of the inaugural events of the Russian Presidency of the G20. All the relevant information on the Think 20 Meeting can be found here.